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Small Beaded Flap Bag - Page 2

NOTE:  The remainder of Bag is worked in Rows.



Row 1:  Turn bag; slst in the next hdc, ch 2, hdc in next 23 hdc.  


Note:  Look to be sure these 23 hdc (the Flap) are even with the Pouch.


Rows 2 & 3:  Ch 2, turn; hdc in each hdc and in the top of the ch-

                   2.  (24 hdc).  


       At the end of Row 3, end off, leaving 6” yarn.


  String 14 pony beads onto your remaining cotton yarn.  


Row 4:  With a slst, attach the yarn you just beaded to the last

            hdc, ch 1, and  turn.  Hdc in each hdc across, working

            over loose ends.   


To make a Beaded hdc (B hdc):  bead down close to the hook, yarn over hook,

insert hook into next hdc and finish as in a regular hdc stitch.


Row 5:  Ch 2, turn, hdc in the next 3 hdc, make a B hdc in the

            next hdc.  *Hdc in the next 4 hdc, work a B hdc in next

            hdc.  Repeat from * twice more, hdc across row, ending

           with a hdc in top of beg. ch-2.    


Row 6:  Ch 2, turn, hdc in each hdc across, ending with hdc in top

            of beg ch-2 


Row 7:  Ch 2, turn, hdc in next 6 hdc, *work a B hdc in the next

            hdc, make ahdc in the next 4 hdc*.  Repeat between * 2

            times more, then hdc across row, ending as before.   


Row 8:  Repeat row 6.


Row 9:  Repeat row 5.


Row 10:  Repeat row 6.


Row 11: Repeat Row 7.  



Front of Flap showing Bead Placement

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