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A Little While longer - - - -

For Bob - - always
The Summer of 1996. He always had that sweet smile for me.

By 1995, Bob had undergone 3 right leg amputations in only 4 months and had been on kidney dialysis for 4  long years. He'd hung on as long as he could.  My Bob passed away with those he loved and who loved him at the Dialysis Center on Good Friday, March, 1997. When I arrived at the ER, he was revived long enough to know that I was there with him. I told him that he was going to be ok and then I added - - -  "but, if you are too tired, I understand and I will see you later . . ."    With that, he responded to me.  His next breath was face to face with Jesus!  I miss him yet, but I know that I will see him again one day.  Thank you for reading this.  It is comforting to me. 

Later . . . . . .

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