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What's going on with Hillary "Rotten" Clinton

 Giuliani Beats Hillary                                                  

Some people are saying that we'd better nominate McCain in 2008 because he's the only guy who could beat Hillary...I've   always doubted that; indeed, I feel that a McCain candidacy,  by dispiriting the GOP base, would be the one scenario in     which Hillary could possibly win. At any event, the conventional wisdom about McCain's Hillary-crushing bona-fides is called into question by this poll:       

Newswise — If the 2008 presidential election were held today, Republican Rudy Giuliani would beat Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton according to a nationwide poll conducted by Canisius College. Of the 455 respondents who volunteered an answer regarding the 2008 match-up, Giuliani received 54 percent of the vote to Clinton's 38 percent.

Michael V. Haselswerdt, PhD, professor of political science at Canisius and co-director of the poll, notes "Clinton loses among voters in the red states, which is no surprise, but Giuliani breaks even in the blue states."

I think that Hillary has been built up as a political giant by the MSM and GOPers who quake in their boots at the mention of the name "Clinton". Everyone seems to forget that the "political genius" Bill Clinton never managed a majority of the vote...and, also, only won in 1992 by fluke of Ross Perot. Had Perot not run in 1992, then we'd just have finished up Dan Quayle's second term...

She is, however, the best the Democrats have...and that shows just how weak they really are at this point.

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