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Kerry Skips Vote, AGAIN!

Thursday, June 03, 2004

The Kerry Line: Kerry Skips Vote on $25 Billion Iraq Supplemental

"John Kerry has once again shown himself to be foragainst funding for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. After saying he would support the President's $25 billion funding proposal, Kerry skipped yesterday's vote on the bill. Only John Kerry could give a speech on modernizing and equipping our military the day after he didn't show up to vote to send money to the troops engaged in essential operations."

-Steve Schmidt, Bush-Cheney '04 Spokesman

Kerry Says He Will Support $25 Billion Iraq Supplemental, But Skips Vote

In May, Kerry Said He Would Support $25 Billion In Emergency Funds For Our Troops. Kerry: "I will support the Administration's request for emergency funds for our troops. The situation in Iraq has deteriorated far beyond what the Administration anticipated. This money is urgently needed, and it is completely focused on the needs of our troops. We must give our troops the equipment and support to carry out their missions in Iraq and Afghanistan."
("Statement from John Kerry on the Administration's Request for $25 Billion in Emergency Funding to Support the Troops," U.S. Newswire, 5/13/04)

Kerry Skipped The Senate Vote To Authorize $25 Billion For Operations In Afghanistan And Iraq. An amendment to authorize appropriations for a contingent emergency reserve fund for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
(S. Amdt. 3260, CQ Vote #106: Passed 95-0: R 49-0; D 45-0; I 1-0, 6/2/04, Kerry Missed Vote)

Kerry Previously Said Support For Troop Funding Depended On Situation. Russert: "If there's another bill to provide money for the troops, you'll vote against it again?" Kerry: "It depends entirely on what the situation is, Tim. I'm not going to say that."
(NBC's "Meet the Press," 4/18/04)

Even Democrats Who Opposed The War In Iraq Supported The $25 Billion. "The Senate on Wednesday gave the White House $25 billion for operations in Afghanistan and Iraq but joined the House in putting new controls on the money despite administration requests for substantial freedom in how to use it. On a 95-to-0 vote, senators agreed to add the money to a broad Pentagon spending plan, bringing the total cost of the legislation to more than $447 billion. Even Democrats who have raised objections to administration policy in Iraq did not oppose the spending, saying they viewed it as a necessity for troops in need of new armor and other vital equipment."
(Carl Hulse, "With Some Strings Attached, Senate Approves War Money," The New York Times, 6/3/04)

Kerry Previously Voted Against Troop Funding After Calling Such A Vote "Irresponsible"

Kerry Voted Against Senate Passage Of $87 Billion Iraq/Afghanistan Supplemental Funding Bill. The bill provided "approximately $65.6 billion for military operations and maintenance and $1.3 billion for veterans medical care."

Kerry Offered A Tortured Explanation Of His Vote On The $87 Billion To Support Troops In Iraq. "I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it."
(Richard W. Stevenson and Adam Nagourney, "Bush’s Campaign Emphasizes Role Of Leader In War," The New York Times, 3/17/04)

It Was Later Revealed That Kerry Had Actually Characterized A Vote Against That Funding As "Irresponsible." Doyle McManus (LA Times): "If that amendment does not pass, will you then vote against the $87 billion?" Kerry: "I don't think any United States senator is going to abandon our troops and recklessly leave Iraq to – to whatever follows as a result of simply cutting and running. That's irresponsible."
("Face the Nation," CBS, 9/14/03)

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