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Hillary Gaff!!



                Hillary Gaff Alienates and Angers U.S. Troops

     Sen. Hillary Clinton’s visit to Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, U.S. troops patiently waiting their Thanksgiving turkey dinners, were "bumped"
by Clinton’s entourage, and forced to wait an extra hour while they chowed down.
     Not only did Hillary violate military protocol that expressly states that officers and public officials eat last, she alienated herself from those who were gathered by
telling the troops, their victory was "uncertain."
    But she didn’t stop there - although she probably should have.  Moments
later, with hungry GIs eager to eat, and not appreciating her message, 
Clinton added, that there were serious questions about why they were deployed to risk their lives.
    Those comments and protocol violations
visibly offended the soldiers, and at least one remarked that she should have "stayed in Washington."
    Prior to the meeting, an email was sent to out to those troops stationed at Bagram who were from New York and Rhode Island, asking if they would like to have dinner with Hilary. Only six bothered to respond.
    At least one magazine, People, was on hand, and was interested in interviewing and photographing the reaction Clinton received from the troops. But, says the source,  "People were actually telling the reporters,
‘You don’t want to print what I think about her and her visit.’"
    Like the President’s triumphant trip to Iraq, Hillary also deemed her trip a success - however, while our President heroically
rallied our brave forces, Hillary scarfed down a turkey dinner while disrespecting the enlisted men and women. Then for dessert, she alienated any support she might have by failing to connect with the troops and questioned why they were there
Yup, another successful day for “hurricane” Hillary.

Insider's Report On President's Baghdad Dinner

    Six hundred American troops were surprised when the Commander-in-Chief
made a secret trip to Baghdad to spend his Holiday with them.
After enduring a 17-hour flight, a blacked-out Air Force One touched down at the moonlit Baghdad International Airport. There, the President greeted the delighted troops, making it clear that they were “defending the American people from danger.” In addition to being shocked to see the President of the United States standing just a few feet away, many of the troops cheered and applauded.  Bush was deeply moved by the response, and one report says that when he took the podium, tears were streaming from his face.
    The President then spent nearly two hours on the ground, limiting his activity to doling out the turkey feast to the troops at the airport.
Initially, Bush had planned to spend Thanksgiving at his family’s Crawford, Texas ranch. In fact, the White House even announced the dinner menu.  Instead, the President returned to Washington where he was joined by several aides and reporters who also made the trip.  All were sworn to secrecy out of fear that disclosure would have prompted terrorist attempts on the President’s life.  Less than one week before, a ground to air missle struck a DHL cargo plane, forcing it to make an emergency landing with its wing ablaze.
    Fears that a similar attack could happen, prompted officials to withhold mention of the trip until he was headed back to the U.S.  Had word leaked, White House communications director Dan Bartlett said, 
“If this breaks while we’re in the air, we’re turning around.”
    Despite protests from Hilary Clinton, who visited troops in Afghanistan, the President’s trip, it has been widely praised by both democrats and
Democratic Presidential hopeful John Kerry, who served in
Vietnam, praised the President, saying, “[His] trip to Baghdad was the right
thing to do for our country. 


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