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It's a Temper Tantrum

It's Not a Campaign, It's a Temper Tantrum
by Michael Reagan - Pres. Reagan's Son
If I had to find a definition for the Democrat campaign for the presidency, it would be that it's a temper tantrum.  I just can't believe that America would want a party that thinks throwing fits of anger is an appropriate form of campaigning for the highest office in the land.  The thought of a president - - the most powerful man in the world - - winning office by campaigning on a platform of hatred is frightening.
My dad campaigned on the theme of making it Morning in America again.  To listen to the Democrat presidential candidates chant their datribes, you'd think that they want it to be a nightmarish Midnight in America.
Then there's the hatred-driven Democrat front,, and its ads comparing the President to Hitler.
In all my lifetime I have never heard so much cussing in a campaign from people who represent or support candidates running for the presidency - - people who are so angry and vulgar.  It is embarrassing to watch these people, who want their candidates to be given the job of running this country, wallow in filth.
Matt Drudge reported that at's gathering to unveil the winner of the sleezy Web site's "Bush in 30 Seconds" ad contest, comedienne Margaret Cho used the "F" word again and again in attacking the president.  The audience roared, not understanding that it's absolutely demeaning to those who they want to win the presidency.
Never in my life, at any of the hundreds of Republican functions I have attended, have I ever heard anybody dare to use a cuss word.
The Democrats are seething with anger and I have adopted the rhetoric of hatred because they refuse to accept the fact that they lost in 2000, no longer control  the House and Senate, and haven't a single legitimate issue to use against the president. 
All they are left with are childish temper tantrums, dirty words and the myth, thoroughly dispelled by the liberal media in several exhaustive investigations, that Al Gore really won Florida and the 2000 election. 
(Joyce's Note:  The very thought that Gore could be president right now is frightening, disgusting, and, yes, totally  laughable!)