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Give 'em Hell, Zell



Democrat ZELL Miller set the Republican Convention on FIRE !! Edit Picture

Sen. Zell Miller Zings 'Hollywood Weenies'
and Terry McAwful'
Sen. Zell Miller, D-Ga., told a dinner at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference that he was "fed up with Hollywood weenies like Martin Sheen," who play soldier and then trash America in time of war. 
The Georgia Democrat, who is supporting President Bush for re-election this year, derided those in his party who appear willing to let the U.N. dictate to this country on whether the United States is allowed to defend inself against those who would destroy it. 
He cited Winston Churchill, who stood up to Adolf Hitler and in 1946 warned of the dangers of the Soviet Union, as the media called him a warmonger and "even Harry Truman" offered Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin a chance to come to the U.S. and respond to Churchill's "Iron Curtain" address in Fulton, MO.
Events such as this, the Georgia lawmaker contended, were "lessons in history that Ted Kennedy never learned."  Miller referred to Democratic Nationaal Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe as "Terry McAwful." 
Zell Miller brought the house down when he spoke at our National Republican Convention, recently!  Thank the Lord for a "few" good men.
Read Zell Miller's book, "A National Party No more"
and "Arrogance" by B. Goldberg
        "Unfit for Command" by John O'Neil