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Giving Away or Harming Israel
One Jerusalem

Joyce’s Comments:  Giving away Israel and Jerusalem - - Sharon’s stroke??


It seems like someone is trying to tell us something, but no one is listening: This is my opinion (although according to the liberals, I don’t have freedom of speech) I’ll give it anyway!  If you have a tendency to side with the Islamic terrorists, then don’t read further - - -


Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon ran the Jews out of Gaza, giving it to the terrorists, and within a few days HE was then struck down by a stroke!   Not long after the Jews who were run out of their life-long (and God given) homes in Gaza they were living in TENTS.  Then, hurricane Katrina hit our coast and those people were living in TENTS (and any every other place they could find).  They were homeless, too.  Hum?? 


The "Road Map for Peace" is an ill-conceived document, one that has Israel giving up Gaza, then the West Bank, and then Jerusalem.  Jerusalem is the City of God. This clearly violates the Word of God [not allah].  No, I am not a Jew, I am a Christian and I know my Bible.  Not one more inch of land in Israel should be given to anyone, period!  ANYONE, and any country, including America,  who dare harms Israel will face His righteous fury in the defense of Israel!  (Read that in the Book of Joel for starters) 


On 9/11, when Islamic terrorists flew their highjacked airliners into the twin towers and the Pentagon, we were attacked, first!  Those Americans who paid attention have discovered we were in a world war against fanatical Islamic terrorists who believe that killing Americans and Jews is the will of "their" god, allah.  Evil exists, it is here and it means to harm us.  We are facing a countdown in the Middle East, a battle such as the world has never seen or will ever see again.


If this “Road Map” causes any more Jews to be displaces out of their God Given Land, I fear that something more terrible could happen to America, to President Bush, to any or all of us, just as quickly as the hurricanes hit, anything else can happen that quickly!  God is guarding Israel as he promised thousands of years ago.  He will NOT allow Her to be harmed much more (or bombed)!  Anyone who thinks so is a fool.


Regards, Joyce (A Texas Bushie)

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