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Kidney Disease Has Progressed to KIDNEY FAILURE and DIALYSIS


1600 Calorie Diabetic Diet
From the ADA and every doctor I know. 
 Seek medical advice before beginning any diet 
Servings of each a day
* Joyce's Diabetic Renal/Kidney Diet *
I have been instructed by my dietitian and my kidney specialist, to count carbohydrates and not calories. 
I am allowed a total of between 135 and 165 carbs each day:
Breakfast:  45 grams carbohydrates
Lunch:  45 grams carbohydrates
Supper:  45 grams carbohydrates
Snack:  20- 30 carbs
I promise I will explain what a carbohydrate (carb) is and what foods are the best to be eaten.
I will have a LIST made up for you to go by.  In the meantime - - -
- - - > This is my Diabetic Renal Carb Diet:
7 - 8 BREAD/STARCH (Lots)
5 oz or less of PROTEIN (Meat/protein will become much more limited if kidney damage progresses)
3 VEGGIES (limited because of the phosphorus, potassium and other elements which are drawn up into certain foods from the soil).
1/2 DAIRY (The last bowl of cereal I ate, my blood sugar soared up to 391!! I don't seem to handle dairy well.)
This diet is not too bad, but it is for me I love meat and potatoes, pies and rich foods like my German father did.  But I learned to like pasta and rice and the great recipes that can be made using them, so I am doing ok.
       Well HELL!  After my mother died Sept 23, 2008, my kidneys
began to go down in functioning . . . the stress does that.  I tried!
       My 24 hr urine test the end of March, 2009, showed there was
more poison being retained in my body.  My creatinine was 3.8.  My specialist said when I reached "4, that's dialysis"! 
       I was retested the first week in April, 2009 . . . I HAD HIT 4
       My doctor said that I could drive to Austin with my son and dog, "Fritzie", if I'd phone him as soon as I got home.  We drove to visit my dauther, her two sons and even my X husband.  It had been a long time.  I was really tired on the trip and visit, especially from the humidity, and it was only April.   
       I called my kidney specialist April 24th and I told him that I wanted him to have my catheter put in my belly and get this diallysis going.  I was not going to get better and I was feeling too badly to keep dragging around like this.  On April 31st the cath was put in, on May 18th - 23rd I had classed to learn how to do my dialysis at home.  The evening of the 23rd, I was on my own with my son as back up.  I'd have to do peritoneal dialysis four times each day.  It takes 20 minutes to "drain", 10 to "fill" with new fluid.  The fluid is made up of 2.5 liters of Low Calcium Peritoneal Dialysis Solution with 1.5% Dextrose. Somehow the "sugar" liquid works with the peritoneal membrane in my abdomen to "pull out the poison".  It is pure MAGIC!  God's Magic, my friends.  I don't like it that I have to do these treatments so often or at all, but it is better than the alternative.  Without them I will DIE!  Yup. 
     Now my only worry is ObamaCare!  The Liberal Media LIES about this and everything because they love Odumba!  I always dislike him intensely.  He radical left wing Socialist, Communist who is nothing but a Community Organizer, a goon from Chicago, intent on taking down America.  I have read the complete HR 3200 Health Care Bill, all 1012 pages of it and it is frightening!  It is nothing but RATIONED HEALTH CARE.  At my senior age, with diabetes and costly kidney dialysis, my dialysis will most likely be STOPPED
    The fools who wanted "change" and voted for him will regret it when the NEW WORLD ORDER is formed, soon. 
     All I can do is pray, pray that (I'm Raptured) my dialysis won't be stopped because if it is, I will DIE within a week to ten days.... a very painful death!  Thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers through these years.  I love you all,
Joyce Hodnett
Amarillo, Texas      


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