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Mrs. Reagan Vetoes Clinton



                     Nancy Reagan Vetoes Clinton Eulogy


It was reported that former President Bill Clinton was furious that he had NOT been invited to speak at the Friday state funeral of former President Ronald Reagan. 


Clinton, so the story went, felt that the Reagan rites were being 'politicized' and he preferred the Nixon funeral 10 years ago in which both former Democratic and Republican presidents spoke.


In fact,'s John LeBoutillier has learned, it indeed was Nancy Reagan's adamant wish that Bill Clinton not speak at her late

husband's funeral.  LeBoutillier, a former U.S. congressman with friends close to the Reagan White House and Nancy, said Nancy feels that President Clinton stained the image of the Oval Office.


Both Ronald and Nancy Reagan revered the Oval Office.


As President, Ronald Reagan made it a policy always to wear a suit and tie in the Oval Office.


Before taking office in early 1981, Reagan told aides he was stunned to see photos of Jimmy Carter lounging in the Oval Office in blue jeans and

no tie. The soon-to-be-inaugurated 40th president then vowed that "things are going to change."


Revelations during the Starr investigation disclosed that President Clinton conducted an illicit affair in the Oval Office with Monica LewinskyA source close to Nancy told LeBoutillier that Mrs Reagan would have loved to have had the popular Democrat president eulogize her husband - but she did not want the funeral service "sullied" by the man who desecrated one of Ronnie's favorite places: the Oval Office. 


      (Joyce's note:  Well Bless her heart!  Clinton made the White House into the "W**** House")