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Mel's Passion

From an article in NewsMax Magazine, Vol 5, Number 11,
by James Hirsen  
Mel Gibson grabs me and asks if I want to hear "the voice of the devil,"  With my bravest expression and boldest posture I answer, "Sure."
He tells me to follow him down the hall.  We go into a room with a large video monitor and sophisticated electronic equipment.  We watch a scene from "The Passion" depicting Satan.  I get to hear a bunch of alternative voices for the prince of darkness.
"Which one do you like?" Mel asks.  They all scare the Hades out of me.  Humbled to be asked for input, I mention my favorite.
Mel reviews the scene over and over again, slightly altering the sequence of the images or the duration of the camera's focal point.  I'm reminded of the rhythm and harmony of symphonic music.  I am awestruck at this master filmmaker's ability to ratchet up the quality of a scene.
Mel adds, "This is a movie about faith, hope, love and forgiveness - - something solely needed in these turbulent times." With an artist's fervor about his work, Gibson is unabashedly enthusiastic about his film.  It's about the greatest love one can have, which is to lay down one's life for someone . . . the biggest love story of all time." 
Mel Gibson in person is a surprise.  Larger than life as Detective Martin Riggs of "Lethal Weapon: and William Wallace of "Braveheart," he is not a glitzy superstar out to impress.  Mel is down to earth.  He is an anomaly in Hollywood - - married for 23 years.  Even more shockingly, to the same woman, Robyn Moore.  They have seven children.