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DRATS! Diabetes ---> Kidney Disease


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As I said on my Main "Drats, I've Got Kidney Failure" Page, I found out that I have Chronic Kidney Disease.  I will tell you what happened to me so that you can, hopefully, obtain helpful information from it. First of all, I am NOT a professional. The information I give in the following pages are only my opinions, my deductions, of what I've read about the subjects of diabetes and kidney disease,  and what I've been told by my doctors.  See your medical doctor regularly.


If you are DIABETIC, you MUST keep your blood sugars and blood pressures as near to normal as possibe.  Also, keep away from the salt and, by all means, stay on your diet.  If you do these, then you MIGHT avoid kidney failure and the slippery slope to kidney dialysis. 


Since it was discovered that my kidneys were failing, the end of May 2006, I've been stuck, probed and prodded, gone thru countless blood draws, been Nuclear Renal Scanned, 24-hr Urine Creatinine Clearance Test, and have seen a Dietitian.  I was thrilled to see my Nephrologist (kidney specialist) because he was also my husbands so long ago.  I had more blood work done and finally had an Ultra Sound of my kidneys.  We've guessed that I'm at Level 3 of kidney failure - - - that's from Level 1 to Level 5 being on dialysis. (Ten years away from dialysis, was his guess). 


Seems pretty good until I got pneumonia in Aug, 2006 and was hospitalized for ten days, 4 in Intensive Care.  I had to be given shots of Morphine, two Tramadol and two Tylenol ALL at the same time for pain!  In Intensive Care, the nurses lost count after they had given me 21 bags of IV antibiotics.  I almost died!  After I went home, I got pneumonia again, twice!  This meant more pain medications. I was sick in bed for that winter.  I had progressed to nearly Stage 4 Kidney Failure by then.


My kidney loss is not entirely due from my diabetes.. No, I did my best.  My diabetes and kidney failure is inherited from a long line of relatives. Out of 9 of mother's siblings, 8 of them had diabetes and 5 were on kidney dialysis. My 94 year old mother is the only one living sibling and she didn't get diabetes until she was 87!  AND my aunts and uncles aren't all: out of at least 20 first cousins, 16-17 of them have diabetes (or had and have died from it), and several are now on kidney dialysis. Many 2nd cousins.are in the same shape. Oh, and my father developed diabetes at 77. Both my grandmothers had diabetes. So, for me, I didn't have much of a chance NOT to develop kidney failure right along with the diabetes. 


Please, all of you DABETICS out there, who think you can cheat and eat what you want and have a donut here and there, a piece of  cherry pie too, then forget it - - - unless, of course, you want to end up with kidney failure and eventually on dialysis.


My Diabetic Renal Diet is on the following pages, along with the allowed foods and amounts of servings for each food. 


God Bless you and I'll help all that I can - - - Joyce


Email me: joyce79102@sbcglobal.net


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