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From "Bush Country" to the Dum-O-Crats' NWO


Goodbye Dubya.  I'll miss you but you sure did disappoint me a lot when you became so very Liberal in many many ways.  Now we have "ODUMBA" and a Socialist Country, no doubt in my mind.  I am very concerned, but all we can do is pray that this socialist President will not completely undo/destroy our Constitution.
God Help Us All. . . .  
    Before you read farther, yes, this is political!  I'm a Reagan Conservative and a Christian woman who also loves Texas and my Country.  Don't go farther if we are not like minded - - because you will be offended by my strong views; especialy if you are a Liberal, an Obama supporter - - because you wanted change, are a radical leftie, one of the Loonie Left and all the many other descriptions that, if I use, will present me not as the lady I am.  In short, I do NOT like Liberals.  So, go on some place where your radical left socialist buddies hang out because you won't find them here.  Oh, and when you do get sick of Obama and the socialist take over of this country, come back by and we will talk.  You will be welcome then.  In the meantime, I will be doing all that I can to help the Conservatives take the White House back!   - "The Lone Star Lady" lives here with God, guns and rock & roll.  January 5, 2009 
I haven't updated this website in a long time.  It is now April, 2007.  I continue to be a conservative, even though I am very disappointed in Pres. Bush, mainly because he has not sealed up our borders with Mexico and will probably give anmesty to all 12 - 20 Million illegal aliens sneaking into our country from Mexico.  That is extremely dangerous considering that the Islamic terrorists have easy access to our Country!  (And 2/3rds of those in our prisons are illegals from Mexico!)  That is downright shameful!  I am also very upset with the worthless Democrat Congress - - they are disgusting!  They are totally wasting our time and tax dollars.  They'd do anything to get rid of Pres. Bush, but they cannot and that makes them nuttier than usual!  Need I say more?  I think you know my opinions by now, so I say again, don't read farther if your views differ from my conservative ones. 
Before you  go, scroll all the way down to see the "Loonie Liberals Who Are Helping the GOP Win in 2008".  Pretty funny
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   Bushie :-(

  When we were attacked on 911, have no doubt, that it was the beginning of World War III.  Keep your guard up, especially as the Presidential Election nears, because the terrorists aren't finished with us yet!  These Islamic terrorists absolutely hate us and they will strike again - - - that's what they live for!  (Check Bible Prophecy).  I'd rather fight them abroad and not here at home.  Stay alert and safe.  God bless America and please Vote REPUBLICAN!

"THE LIGHTS" The Beginning of WW 3
Never Forget = Click to Read

Laura Bush, an Elegant Lady!



No Need To Say a Word
God Bless American
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I am leaving some of my "Favorite Republican" ARCHIVES pages posted.  I do not want anyone to forget those who worked so hard and helped Pres. Bush be re-elected.  God bless America and President & Mrs. Bush.  Click below - - -
ARCHIVES: Click here for Reminders of why no Liberal is FIT to be President (or anything else of power) in our Country, EVER - - - - 
    Articles You Don't Want to Miss       
I'm a Reagan Conservative
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These "Loony Liberals" below are HELPING the GOP win in 2008!  Keep up the good work for us.      THANKS!                 

Yah Yah Yah
Screamin' Dean
Hillary "Rotten" Clinton
Goofie and Jessie
He's Backkkkk in 2009!! EEKKKkk
TuTu Daschle
Worst President EVER!!
Peanut Carter
"Stuff Your Under Pants, Berger"
The Transition Has Begun
The Breck Girls - EDWARDS
Pig Murtha
Bill and Hill Leaving DC
Senator Hill Hard at Work!!
Flip Flip Kerry "THINKIN'" With His Finger Up His Nose!
Slick Willie


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            Comments made by Hillary "Rotten" Clinton
"G** dammit Bill, you promised me that office!"  The infamous Inauguration Day fight, Jan. 20, 1993.  Bill & Hillary: The Marriage, p. 258; by Christopher Anderson, William Morrow & Co., 1999
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"Who is going to find out?  These women are all trash.  Nobody's going to believe them."  Circa the '92 presidential campaign. her opinion of the many women who claimed they had a relationship with Gov. Clinton; Bill & Hillary: The Marriage p. 220, by Christopher Anderson, William Morrow & Co. 1999.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"We have to destroy her" -Hillary speaking of Gennifer Flowers, during the 1992 primaries, after Flowers revealed her long-term afrfair with Gov. Clinton; The Final Days p. 13, by Barbara Olson, Regnery Publishing 2001.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The Truth on Hillary's feelings about Americans living between the coasts...
"Jesus, Bill, I know you've got all these redneck relatives out there..." - Confronting her husband when it's discovered that one of his long-lost relatives is a member of the KKK, circa 1993.  Bill and Hillary.  The Marriage, pg. 273, by Christopher Anderson, William Morrow & Co. 1999.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The truth on Hillary's ability to establish coalititions...
"Gentlemen, I have looked at your proposal, and it's pure bullsh*t!  Now you've had your meeting!  Get out!" - Hillary's only words when she meets with health insurance executives who had a proposal of their own for health care reform, circa 1993;  Unlimited Access, P. 88, by Gary Aldrich, Regnery Publishing Inc. 1996.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"[My] personal trained Pigs!"  - Hillary's opinion of her Secret Service guards; Unlimited Access, p. 90, by Gary Aldrich, Regency Publishing, inc. 1996
And, back at Yale, Hillary helped edit the Yale Review of Law and Social Action, a left-wing journal which promoted cop-killing and featured cartoons of pig-faced police.  (Barbara Olson, Hell to Pay, 1999 pp. 59-61)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The Truth on Hillary's family heritage . . .
"Before I was born, a man named Sir Edmund Hillary became famous for being the first person to climb Mount Everest.  My father named me after him as a symbolic message that I could achieve anything I wanted in life. .. that I could climb ANY mountain..."
-Hillary Clinton explains in 1996 how she got her name; CounterClintonLibrary.com.  She was born five years before Edmund Hillary scaled Everest.  The year she was born, he was an unknown beekeeper! 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Regarding HRC's Health-Care Reform Plan:  When she was traveling across the country promoting her health plan, a woman complained that she did not want to get pigeon-holed into a plan that was not of her choosing. HRC's response: "It's time to put the common good, the national interest, ahead of individuals."  (Yeah, right Hill!) 
My, such a "lady"!     More to come - - -
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      "We either fight the terrorists over there or we fight them over here."
- Gen. Tommy Franks, Ret., Fmr. Commander-in-chief, U.S. CENTCOM

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